Hello, we are called Delicious Gnome and we would greatly appreciate it if you would check out our demo and tell us what you think. No lyrics yet, but they will be up soon.


Your input would be greatly appreciated. Will crit4crit.
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Ok just listened to about 45 secs of it, and its ok, but you're off timing at many places.

THAT and it sounded so random to me. Meh, I'm not exactly a pro so I'd wait til' someone of more experience crits you.
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Wow...that's some unique music...pretty cool, if you get some better resources and such, but you've done a good job with what you've got.
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Yeah, would definetly be a cool song if finished. And Soulja is right, you are off timing alot.
i agree with soulja 23, it's ok, i like the game sounds, hah, but it's off timing.
As said before the timing is a little shaky at parts. But, it's pretty creative. I really like the first breakdown. Once lyrics are put in it'll feel a lot more complete. I can really feel the energy from song, so thats good. The keyboards work very well with the heavy guitars. Well Done. Crit for crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=428933 Thanks!
the start was a little random and for a while after that the timing was very off but it got better at the harmonizing part. then did the song switch or something? at 1:30. anyway after that it sounded sweet, did you guys write that or was it something from a game? i bet if you replaced the keys with a guitar it would kick ass.
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thanks for the crit guys, yeah, the timing is rough because it was a sloppy demo that i threw together in a couple of days. thanks for the crit though!
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Overall you have a good idea going there. Just buy a metronome, and work out the bumps.

This is what happens when Mario picks up a guitar....

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lol. thanks. i fixed the off timeyness in the intro right now

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