hey yall, ive got a B-52 AT-212 that i bought a month or two ago used form guitar center. well over the past week, the tone has been rather crappy, so i think i need new tubes. ive heard great things about JJ's but im not to knowlegable on tubes. so can yall help me out? like which tubes will i need? how many? and a price estiment will be great too.
www.eurotubes.com if you like JJ's. I personally like them a lot. You can email Bob, and he will tell you all your options. I've ordered from www.thetubestore.com if you want more selection. They have a pretty good webpage with reviews. Electrik said Doug's Tubes is also a good vendor. The only thing you need to worry about is getting a matched set of power tubes, preamp tubes don't need to be matched. Usually, if your amp is class A/B, you'll also want a "balanced" preamp tube for the driver position too. Email Bob, he will tell you a ton of options.
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Yea I would Email Doug's Tubes. I like JJ's, I have them in my 5150, but I think Doug gives a less biased opinion since he deals in a lot of tubes, including JJ's. Check him out for sure !
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