Here's my list (I know I'm missing some people)

20 Nuno Bettencourt
19 Jonny Greenwood
18 Ty Tabor
17 Vito Bratta
16 John Squire
15 Dave Navarro
14 Kenny Wayne Sheperd
13 Larry Lalonde
12 Trey Anastasio
11 John Frusciante
10 Adam Jones
9 Jerry Cantrell
8 Mike McCready
7 Marty Friedman
6 Zakk Wylde
5 Buckethead
4 Tom Morello
3 Eric Johnson
2 Dimebag Darrell
1 John Petrucci

It's not perfect, but its mine.
if you havent guessed, i LOVE Tool and Primus

thus, my name is a combination of Adam Jones (Tool) and Larry Lalonde (Primus)

it helps that both of these bands have phenominal drummers (Danny Carey- Tool; Tim "Herb" Alexander- Primus)
In 1998 giver take a few years when the song was written, but Kirk Hammet wrote a solo for a song called "hero of the day" that solo'd get my guitarist of the decade award right there...
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People don't like Dave Mustaine because he created something that owned Metallica in just about every single aspect of thrash metal.

it's true
DO NOT Forget Paul Leary. Amazing guitar player.
For me dimebag darrell would definitely be #1
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i'm freakin in love with zakk wylde...in a non sexual guitar related love. Him and MOrelllo
you know what i thought about it more and realized....I AM THE GREATEST 90'S GUITAR PLAYER@!
John Frusciante or Tom Morello
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