hey guys. i was just wondering if someone could tell me how to tune to drop a half a step. is it like drop d or what.
im guessing you mean to tune the guitar down a half step in which case you would just tune each string down a half step: E becomes e flat, A becomes a flat and so on
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a half step is 1 fret
e=E flat
A=G #
B=B flat
E=E Flat
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If you don't have a tuner start with your guitar in e standard and tune the E string holding th 4th fret to teh open A string. Then tune across like you would with the normal E 5th fret and match the open A to it. After that is done for all of the strings tune the e sting seventh fret to the A string open.

If you have a tuner hold the first fret of every string and tune it to the normal note except the E string you hold it and tune it to a d.
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