Hey ppl ,

Today i decided to clean my guitar, and in so doing i took the bridge off (its removable for cleaning purposes) but what i forgot to do is remember what way round it went on... This is where the trouble starts, i restring my guitar and then i have MAJOR fret buzz... Im wondering if it could be to do with the bridge being round the wrong way? (first time ive ever cleaned my guitar properly lol)

and sry for the mini novel
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Could be...the saddle (the thin little piece that can come out of the bridge, I'm guessing this is what you mean) is shaped in a specific way to hold the strings at the proper height, and if it's backwards, the strings will be too low or high, which can produce fret buzz. This happened to me just last week, actually.
The saddle should have a couple of notches toward on end...it will look like a small bevel going one way next to another bevel going the other way...sorry if that's confusing...anyway, those two notches should go towards the High E string. If you've got them facing the low E, it's backwards. Hope that wasn't too confusing...
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