Poll: Whats Your Favorite Seattle Grunge Band?
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View poll results: Whats Your Favorite Seattle Grunge Band?
4 44%
3 33%
Alice In Chains
2 22%
Pearl Jam
0 0%
Voters: 9.
So, whats your favorite seattle grunge band out of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana? I would have 2 say that mine is Soundgarden.
Hey... what about Mudhoney?
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I would have to say Alice in Chains.

1. I cant stand Nirvana
2. Soundgarden is a close second.
3. Dont listen to Pearl Jam much.
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Hey... what about Mudhoney? [/QUY
sorry if i forgot anyone but i did say "out of these" to try to avoid stuff like this
mm AiC rock the block. Would rate pearl Jam last. Nirvana, Soungarden and Alice are all such great different bands starting from common ground but branching out in different directions.
Soundgarden without a doubt.

Badmotorfinger is one HELL of a rockin' album, and Superunkown, although not as good, is still a top-notch album.

Chris's passionate vocals, Matt's awesome drumming, and the guitarist's (forgot his name) riffs and solos are just killer.

Pearl Jam has plenty of talent, but I just don't find their songs very memorable (outside of Yield).

AIC reminds me too much of a generic angsty nu-metal band.
Hard choice but I'll have to go with Nirvana. Not that fond of their over-palyed mainstream **** but love the rest.

p.s wheres Mudhoney, Melvins etc..
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