wow that's really spot on. the effects give the song a very full tone, and not a single note is missed. timing also seems to be flawless. i say 10/10
What was that on the end? Anyway, the playing was good, but the tone was too twangy and because of that it seemed like some of the notes didn't really ring out as well... just experiment with some different acoustic sounding tones and you'll be good to go....

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I'm not quite in the same boat as the rest. at seconds 18-21 there was a fairly glaring mistake. I don't quite understand, is there only 51 seconds here, or do I have to sign up to get all of it?

In my opinion you have a bit too much reverb, and the entire intro bit is quite ''there'' yet if you know what I mean. You have a good direction though, this is a tough song! Keep at it.

You should get Dmusic it's what most on UG here use to put their files

Anyway, down and dirty:

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