I've broken my list down to two top guitars, I need some outside opinion on something though:



http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jackson-DK2-Dinky-Electric-Guitar?sku=511668 (with the Eerie Dess Paint job)

I'm somewhat leaning towards the MH because they both look great, are both very popular metal guitars, but the MH has the EMG's, and i've only heard good things about them and nearly all the guitarists that have influenced me(Hammet, Laiho, Wylde, etc.) use them.

I still have a little while to make my decision but i'd just like some outside opinions to help me out. Thanks
probably the esp because it has emg pickups
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Also, just so everyone knows, i'm from satan's asshole in Havre, Montana. So me going to a Guitar Center or anything like that and trying these both out first is out of the question. But does anyone else have the DK2? I really wanna know what it sounds like compared to the EMG's of the MH, because if it sounds just as good then i'm gonna go with it.
I have a DK2 and I love it but most people would say to go with the MH. The MH has a set neck and the DK2 is a bolt on, which doesn't really bother me. It's got EMG's, even though I hate them a lot of people swear they are the greatest thing, and the DK2 has a JB and two single coils, really versital set up. The last thing is that the MH is mahogany and the DK2 is alder. Mahogany is a great wood for metal because it gives more bass than alder does, alder has a lot of highs. No matter which one you get you'll need to change the trem. out on it because they are both LFR. I've tried on MH and it was a great guitar but I got my DK2 used, it was a steal, and it is an awsome guitar.
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Of those, I'd pick the MH hands down. IMO, it's the much better guitar
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What kind of amp do you have?
Stock Gibson Pickups from a 2005 V, I think they're a 498T and 500T set FS/FT
Duncan Distortion (regular spaced) FS

Looking for: an acoustic, recording gear, or $
What kind of amp do you have?

I have a Crate GT1200H/G412SL Half Stack(dont really need a practice amp because this one can stay at pretty low sound levels, good enough for me)

My friend has a DKMG with installed ZW EMG's in it, and i let him use my amp for like a week or so and he said he got a pretty good sound out of it... but that's his opinion andi never got to hear it, plus, my amp IS really noisy, lots of extra feed-back and un-necesary noise. And after hearing his opinion on the two, he agree's with going with the MH also, i didnt know it was a set neck, haha, i must have skipped over that part.
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go for the ESP/LTD
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