Song: Abila the gorila

Water pressure is high now days..the apendix is molded..
zaloop i roll into a house and call it mine, cause i can take two at a time
and..I watch the birds cheerp cheerp cheerp kazaam feathers burnt and headed to the back
of the line so.. tilt up and take a shot, cause i just thought u would want a..
towel for the ache or was it shablam my mistake eya,
make me a cassadeea, and head back to ur girlfriends face cause
my shlazang was alll in her face..

follow me ( what?) its the walrus, and the line is going so we better know a,
Follow me ( EH?) its the cyclops ( and hes throwing hammers)
follow me ( say what??) its my hypopotamiss, cause its just that kinda love son

verse two:

The cleptic , its deceptic, and the time is now to be anticlamatic so
step up and breathe alittle take a look, aint she hot?
i aint jason and the arganouts but still, i took took took, untill wookie is shlazam
time to wam, and hit the ox cause they tempt in a reck to check at the house
u werent invited to..END
Thanks thanks, i made it up in 10 minutes...See ya
meh. i dunno what to really think. ever watch south park? when the towns people are revolting. . . . . "rable rable rable rable rable"
it shows that you made this up in ten minutes. and it seems like you had been smoking crack for a few hours before hand.
how can you crit a piece like this? what do you expect us to say?
theres sort of no point to even posting it.
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------
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