hello people......so i did a random acoustic cover of "numb" by linkin park....it was an in-the-moment deal haha...anyways i sang it down a bit except for a few parts and i know im not good at singing but i really like this melody and stuff so bare with me on that please ....i also added some stuff and changed strum patterns to "make it own"...

anyways not much else to say about it but i'd appreciate lots of thoughts and comments!


God damn.. i have been rehearsing this song in the proper key for a week now so that I could do a cover of it..
... What are you .. 5 steps down?
Good guitar work!...Im still gonna do my cover sometime for the future!... good job tho man
Work to live, not live to work.
haha im just an octave down...same key (except a few times i get off of course ) and everything but yeah it sounds a lot different i agree....too different? i dont know thats why im trying to get other people's opinion haha

tell me when you get yours done!