On Graduating

I spent hours tonight
Awake, with my cat
Wrapped in contusions
Of revolutions
And bohemian politics

Blankets of endless
Projections of loving kisses
Tethers of skin
Moving in
One another, softly

I'd expunge art
Like the rising sun
Constant, graceful
Leaving my timid grip

A night of lavish wine
And ineffable sex
Of perfection
And beauty
And self depreciation

But as my jovial palms grazed my face
I felt whiskers
Dotted with tears of wishful and woe
"Wrapped in contusions
Of revolutions
And bohemian politics"

i really like that line. "bohemian politics". great job. well thought out. goes along great with your art. its funny you how youve written about lying awake with your cat. i lay awake and play guitar to my cat and he goes to sleep when i play for him and wake up when im done and screams all through the morning. i like the short lines. they are short, but they get the point across. this work seems a bit deeper then most ive read. i like the direction it is heading.
Yeh, i agree with the aboves, keep writing things that arent about ur abusive lover/struggle with weightloss. It's fresh, kind of reminds me of something Kurt Cobain would write. maybe consider that type of style for the music?
"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, your eyes will get sore after a while."