Hey guys (and girls)!
Does anyone have a Korg AX1500G?
Cause I just bought one on ebay and it hasn't arrived as of yet.
Don't worry. I didn't buy it from China.
Can you tell me if the effects are good, and just describe some of the good features.
I had it when I owned my first amp....

It has A LOT of things, for a small price tag....

Distortion models weren't too good IMO....I much prefered my boss MD-2....

The effects were passable, but nothing special...

For the money, it's fun to have, but I personally hate multieffects....had it, and learned I never wanted one again....
..a bit late to be asking isn't it?

but yeah.
I'd prefer a Line 6 PODXT Live.
Its not that this one is bad, but you can't get a sound that cuts through or is full/thick enough to me.