I've got a simple marshall MG 10 guitar amp.Everytime i put i on...first this weird muddy kind of buzz comes....its really weird....in like 30 to 40 secs its back to normal.Its really confusing.I use effects on my bass but none on my guitar except the OD on the guitar so....what do you think is wrong???.
Thanks in advance.
aslong as it works after the 30-40 seconds are up.... i wouldnt be complaining. every amp has its special noises. mine squeals when i wiggle it.
It's digital, things take time to power up. I did it once, turned it on while playing. Listening to the power kick in, then the reverb, then the effects in the space of 10 seconds is funny. Never took 40 though. Anyway, that was when I was a wee lad, I've learned a lot about MG's since then.
These go to eleven...