hello, the bassist in a band im in is looking for a new amp. He has $1000 (aus) to spend roughly. I dont know anything about bass amps. I'm wondering, can you get tube bass amps? ive been to stores with him and we could only see ss amps. If you can get tube bass amp, are they far superior to the ss ones just like for guitars?

We also want the bass LOUD. what wattage would be most appropriate? theres only a drummer, guitarist, bassist and vocalist. So he's not competing with much, and we'd like the bass to be very noticable. Sorry for being a noob. Thanx for any help.
Tube bass amps sounds great, I have a friend who owns one, it means masses of headroom and no clipping!! Always a good thing!

Although if you get a very high wattage SS bass amp it's usually fine, just get a compressor as well i guess.