Ok, I have Ibanez RG 270 '99, it has a TRS tremolo system, it's not the best on the world so I want repleacement - Schaller OFR (http://www.schaller-guitarparts.de/1223.htm) or with lo-profile version (http://www.schaller-guitarparts.de/1221.htm) Are that bridges going to fit perfecly into my guiatar, or maybe I'm going to have to change a lot in guitar structure (cavities, holes, strings holders etc)??? I'm asking because I have heard two stories - some people say, it's going to fit perfectly, and other that it's not... Anybody tried this kind of change in his guitar?
Go to www.jemsite.com to find out about retrofits, but I don't think the schaller will fit. Sorry.

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What would go best as a replacement for your crap TRS is an OFR/Schaller LFR/Gotoh LFR. Personally i'd go with the Gotoh LFR, much cheaper, lower profile, different arm bent. Technically, its by far the closest "outside Ibanez LFR" thats almost similar to an Edge.
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