just browinsg around for a head at the moment, and being in a ska/punk band the head obvisously has to have decent clean and distortion and be able to switch between the two with ease. I know Chris from less than jake uses a gibson SG (or maybe a les paul) thru a mesa Trple recto, but I only got a PRS Soapbox and was maybe looking to get a marshall head? I'm definately happy to look at other brands though, but I live right by the marshall factory so repairs would be able to be done easily.

Bit strapped for cash right now, so might have to be second hand. I got about £250 (absolute max £300).

hope you can help guys.

TSL series is nice.

Shimmering cleans and anything from a classic crunch distortion to full on thick sustaining distortion that'll take your breath away as you crank the amp.

Smallest/cheapest TSL = the 601 i think, still wont be "cheap"...
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For £300 maybe a used Marshall DSL, try one out, but I'm not an expert at Ska music gear.
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steal somn from the marshall factory! Ive seen DSL504's quite cheap on Guitar Amp Keyboard, they seem to be the go, but as you said you might have to go the used route, which may mean getting a better deal anyways. Good luck!