So , i wanna buy a good combo or stack (prefer a stack so i don't have to buy another one later on besides the combo)

but i don't have money for a whole stack right now (my current amp is busted xD)

So it's not a bad idea to just first buy the head right?
Will the head alone , give me a good sound too w/o cabinets? I think so eh?
I mean it does make sound eh? xD
and then later on buy the cabinets

Just an idea ...but i still wanna be sure ...so therefor =)
The head itself doesnt make a sound, the cabinet is what does that. Also running a head without a speaker attatched may blow it. Save up for a good tube combo, you can always hookup another cabinet to it if you need to do stadium size gigs.
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Ok thanks, i was confused about it for a while , i eventually thought the head also made sound =) so...if i wanna do that i'll have to buy head+ a cab atleast...or yeah maybe a combo... we'll see (man i can never make up my mind!) :p

well let's see how far i'll get =)
Get a valve combo, and a head won't make sound by itself.
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a head won't, however you can get a cheap 1x12 cab and hook it up for practice, and always get a bigger cab later on for your main rig.
I would highly recommend saving mad money and getting a Framus Cobra stack, the best, or the hughes and kettner trilogy head
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