Um, just after a small amount of advice. Our first gig is tomoz night, playing some covers in a mate's gaarge but its for a 21st so we wanna have good sound. In a last jam sesh today, one of my pa speakers ****ed up and it wont stop buzzing. Do i take it in to get it fixed? Hire a diff one? Play with one? Ive got a spare but i dunno bout playing without a monitor...
is it noticable whilst playing at fairly loud volumes?
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yeah, but only for direct inputs, we had been running a line straight from the amps, but miking them up doesnt cause as much of a problem. maybe the drum kit will help drown it out..
For a garage id just use one then. or your could try dasiy chaining it to the good monitor to see if its the monitor thats going or the output jack.
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cheers for the advice guys. There'll be some photos up soon. No doubt it'll get messy, kegs punch etc.... Cheers.
okay i hope it goes great good luck man, but i would say maybe dont play in the garage play in his driveway. just because the garage could ruin sound. it can make it echo and sound muddy. just a reccomendation. show up ea
If your playing in a Garage, are you really gonna be needing Monitors?
Drummer bailed, and yeah, we didnt need monitors for just the duo. Think a driveway sesh wouldve been better. The weather meant we had to keep the roller doors down so the feedback was shockin. The other guitarist has a bunch of photos that im tryin to get a hold of, be up in the pics thread soon...cheers for the help guys