I want to know how to pickslide but there aren't any lessons on it on UG.
I've tried a few things out myself but I always get a horrible screeching sound.

Can someone help me out, a link or an explanation would be great

its not particularly complicated, use the edge of the pic and slide it up on the 3 larger strings on the guitar, the ones that are wound. start from anywhere, bridge to the nut. basically i think, i might be wrong, your hitting harmonics along the way that make that scratching sound differnt depending on where you start (but not by a lot). it could also depend on the strings. search the forums for a better answer if you have to, i remember topics on this.
Basically the pick works as a slide - so if you slide from the bridge to the neck slowly, it'll decrease in pitch. The sound is just the vibrations from running the pick over the strings.

I found it hard to pull off at first. Unfortunately, you just need to practice. My advice is to try and do it slowly, the build up speed each time you try it. For the pickslides I'm familiar with, it has to be done relatively fast.
Oh dear.....I don't know who that is but that was not at all how you use a pick scrape, or at least not how i use it. DO it faster than that.
It's good for sliding into a chord, easiest for e, so it's like:
screeeeeeeeeech "EEEEEEEEEEEEE"......
(you know how that sounds, like the beginning of eruption sorta, the very beginning)
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