When playing rhythm, should there be a preference to which foot you use to tap to keep rhythm...or am I thinking about this too much? I see most people use their left when they are right handed and vice versa, does it make a blind bit of difference u think?
doesn't matter.

Heh, am i the only one who imagined EVH playing with his feet when i saw the title of this topic?
don't worry 'bout that. when you feel the music and the rhythm, you don't use the wrong foot

you're not the only one...
it doesnt matter, as long as ur keeping the rhythm.
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Use both feet and you'll feel it more as you'll almost be dancing. That and you can have left foot being the first beat and the right being the third so it makes it easier for counting bars.
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Thanks for that! Lovin it....I'll get going on that tonight... great idea! - u see thats why I love this website