i just did this for something to do and to get some feedback on it.

#1 i recorded at a super low volume level so its hard to get the scream harmonics and im no where near the guitar player those dudes are.

give it a listen if you'd like anyway.

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I love this song.

This was good. Your notes were a little choppy at time, let them flow a little better. Even though your tone sucks (I can only empathise as my tone sucks too, which is why I refuse to record), this is still a very good job. You hit all the right notes and it was almost an exact replica of the original solo. Like I said, clean up the choppy playing and try and get some more mids in your tone and this will be excellent. Good work.

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thanks for the replies guys. i totally agree with the tone. it sucks. and as far as the smoothness goes, i agree as well 100%. its hard to be as fluid as sabo and co.
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