This may be a stupid question but i don't know the answer to it.

I play hardcore, heavy rock and metal stuff. and i am looking to get some sort of amp that can deal with that kind of music. i don't wanna half stack because i don't quite have the cash and i jam around other people's houses all the time so i want something portable. so i found out that the Peavey triple xxx combos are good. only problem is that the model i want seems only to be avaliable in the US. If i ordered it from the US and had it delivered to the UK would i need to do more than just change the power cable?

The amp i would probably be thinking of getting would be the Peavey triple XXX 60 watt 112 or the Peavey triple xxx super 40

Please could you help by letting me know if the amps are that good and if not recommend something better. and then answer my question about buying from the US

What's your budget?

Peavey is the cheapest with the best sound for the money in any tube amp.

Solid state are good too (However, I'm a fan of tube)

Check out the Line 6 amps.
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Line 6? Unless it's a high end one such as a Vetta or Flextone III, i suggest not. Seeing as he can afford to import a XXX from the US (not at all worth it, total waste of money to import from the US and will end up causing you too much hassle.)

IMO the XXX is decent but kind of sterile sounding. I suggest a peavey 5150 or 6505 combo, brilliant amp.
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My budget is around £600
Peaveys over by you are supposed to be highly overpriced, I suggest looking at some laneys, I'm not the expert on them, espicially when it comes to combos, but I'm sure some on the forum can shed some light.
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Yo thanks people for the advice. its interesting to know that importing from the US is a waste of time. Yer Peaveys are highly overpriced in the UK. i will probably have to look into something else
can you get a 212 marshall there? that would be something to look into.
"I don't want to be hostile. I don't want to be dismal.
But I don't want to rot in an apathetic existence either.

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Not really that good although affordable, The Marshall DSL 401 and TSL combo's are horrible IMO. The DSL 50 head is decent though.
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Yeh Laney's are a good bet to look into.

I'm not to sure about what higher gain Laney's are available. But I think the GH's and the VH's are two high gain amps. Check the Laney website for more info, they tell you quite a bit.

Edit - Actually, now that i think about it I think both those amps are only available in heads. So I might have to rethink..
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