Seriously, give it up for these guys. I got Pollyanna out the other day and just remembered how much of an AMAZING record it is. Every song is just a classic. I don't think many bands of the same genre around now could touch songs like 'Rigged and Ready' or 'To My Better Angel'. That's not to mention the great 'Two Zero Two'. I reignited my love for this band after stumbling across an acoustic performance of 'The Pornographers Daughter' on youtube. I mean I know Cassino is really good too, but I pretty much think Northstar is untouchable. Amazing songs, amazing lyrics and were a very underrated band.
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I dunno if I prefer Is This Thing Loaded?
Taking Back Sunday = Sensitive Hardcore
i really like North*. they're one of those bands that you can just nod your head to.
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pollyanna is flawless, everyone song is good

i'm really looking forward to cassino
I know these guys. Their bassist is a dickwad heroin addict. They all live in my town. The biggest show I ever saw was them playing at this huge ****ing warehouse with Alabama Jihad, Letters Organzie and the Pink Spiders (I think they played that night). It was pretty crazy, there was like 1,000 people there and it was crammed. Their drummer is really nice, but I think Cassino is some bull**** because they're from here and have allready done like 2 tours and have never played here. Gabe (the drummer's) new band The Stars Below... really really really really ****ing sucks. Don't listen to them.