Dude, i liked all your stuff alot.

It's not too often these days you hear a band trying to actually be.. well PROGRESSIVE!

your making the music world a better place!!!

Keep on goin!
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
Oh, thanks for listening man.

Anyone else?I'll listen to your recording.
Thanks man.

I'm not into death metal, but anyway, I listened to your song.
lol, I laughed at the "gay nintendo music" lmao, I love nintendo.

Thanks dude, I'm listening to your song right now.
I like it a lot! sounds very powerful.

To crit it and to find the less impressive areas... that would be the intro, sounds kiddy garden... not eerie. I liked the into melody, but the choice of keyboard sound wasn't impressive.

I hear some timing flaws. and the solo guitar wasn't well thought out and fitting.... try a Mustain type solp, think it'd fit much better... and change the tone... it's too wet, make it more raunchy.

All in all, I like it....

Oh,last thing.. add vocals.

Good stuff!
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