So, I just bought my new Spider II 112 today and Im really happy with it (Please stop telling me it's a crap ass amp )
Well anyway... Id like to learn some Slayer songs since Im so happy with the distortion on my new amp which my other amp really lacked in

I can already play the South of Heaven intro riff but would like to learn some not to hard(Im not that much of fast player, Ive only played for 1 year) crushing Slayer riffs
Can anyone recommend a Slayer song, maybe like the first Slayer song you learned?
yeah i think raining blood was my first slayer song, check out dead skin mask, and seasons in the abyss, bloodline is also very easy, that new song "cult" intro is pretty easy, postmortem is a pretty easy song once u get used to it, and teh coolest part about it is it leads on to raining blood. well i hope i helped a bit, ROCK ON!!! ****IN SLAYER!!!!
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seasons in the abyss is really easy. That was the first song that I learnt by Slayer.

I've just sold my spider 2 (thankfully!!!) wooooo!
i thought spider 2s were supposed to be good?? :S
"yeah, well, you know...

that's just like... your opinion man."

-The Dude, His Dudeness
spider II has some badass distortion, i had one, a lot of slayer is easy, one important thing though!! DO NOT LEARN THEIR SOLOS they are unmelodic and tasteless and you will loose skill if you play their solos, but they are riff gods, so yeah, try 213, south of heaven, seasons in the abyss, divine intervention
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I wouldnt waste my time learning their solo's even I could play that fast, I just dont like them
Well Raining Blood is learnable I think.. is seasons in the abyss easier?
Seasons is the easiest! Just improv the solo if you can't play the proper one
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Well, raining blood is a bit too fast for I think of course i could practise like hell but Id rather play something easier So if that is the easiest (or one of the easiest..) Slayer songs I guess Slayer is a bit too far fetched for me
Blood Red, Dead Skin Mask, Seasons, South of Heaven all much easier then raining blood
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Here's a few of the easier ones that haven't been mentioned:

- skeletons of society
- blood red
- expendable youth
- mandatory suicide

All of these are, of course, badass, and not too fast.

If you want solo's that are a bit more "musical" (relatively speaking), pick something off Seasons in the Abyss. The second solo in War Ensemble is fun (though hard to pull off at song tempo).
yeah, honestly, I didn't think raining blood is all that hard. It's harder in Guitar Hero.
The fast part is kind of hard in raining blood, and there is one riff that is kind of tricky if you don't practice it enough. Bloodline is probably their easiest song.