im wiring a les Paul at the moment and im nearly done- but the pickups im using have four wires each (green, black, red and white) for coil tapping, but im going it the normal way. Do the excess wires need to be grounded, or should I just cut them off? Thanks in advance
Usually you would solder the red and white together and tape the joint, solder the green to where the pickup output needs to go (the correct volume pot contact i presume) and the black to ground; it can be different with different manufacturers though.
Okay, if you solder the red and white wires together they're now connected yeah? If you just wrap some electric tape (or whatever you have) around where they are connected/jointed so that the metal in the wires can't touch other things, you're just insulating them as if they were to touch the back of a pot or something if they weren't taped up then you'd lose your pickup signal.
thanks alot. one more question tho- what about the fat plain wire in the middle ? what do i do with that?
Fat plain wire in the middle? Silver with no plastic insulation around it coming from the pickup? Should be grounded.

Actually, what manufacturer is the pickup that you're trying to put in? I think I might have told you DiMarzio wiring, not sure which.
Give Seyour Duncan wiring a go, it's the most common:

White and Red soldered together before and taped as described
Bare (the fat silver one) and the Green wire to ground
Black is the output, connect to the correct place on the volume pot (one terminal is probably bent and soldered onto the back of the pot, the middle one probably goes to your pickup selector or something so the 3rd one probably takes the black wire).

This is probably what you're trying to do?: