Hey everyone, when I started playing I couldn't get hold of the way I was being taught a powerchord so I decided to mess around with the different finger positions for playing powerchords and I got it perfect! Play the bass note with the index finger and barring the two remaining notes with my pinky. Everybody, even now thinks im crazy when they see my playing like that. So I was wondering, is there anything wrong with it? I know Jack White plays like this but I think there must be the way that everyone thinks im weird to play like that.

Also, is there any disadvantages to using this technique as I dont want to carry on much longer if it turns out theres so much I wont be able to do.

Well, first of all, you should never try to cover up one technique that you find
more difficult, with another. Almost anything that seems difficult at first can be
made easy with enough practice.

The main problem with what you're doing, other than that, is you won't have
any free fingers to add flourishes to the power chord if you choose to do so,
I wouldnt recommend you to do that because you can use your pinky for suppensions and such. Try barring with your ring finger instead.
when I get lazy, I play like you do.... lolz...

power chords are usually only the tonic and the fifth...
your technique will be limited only to these... you would not even be able to distinguish from a minor or a major
ya i play some powerchords like that but if its nessary to use more than one finger i use more than one..not weird..
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power chords are usually only the tonic and the fifth...

..the fuck? You mean root?

I just use my index, ring and pinky for 3 note barre chords. I dont normally play any barres that cover all 6 strings.
there are disadvantages... but then again... Kirk from Metallica does it the same way... I use my ring finger because i like to do disharmony...
if something is just the root + fifth i play the root with my pointerfinger and the fifth with my pinky, but if its root + fifth + octave, i play the root with my pointer, the fifth with my ring finger and the octave with my pinky, it was a pain to learn how to play that way at first but now it helps immensely with speed and accuracy. and someone up there said not to try to mask a poor technique with something different and i totally agree with that.
dude i origionally did it the same way!!! it doesnt really make ne difference, but u'll find it hard to build up strength in ur pinky!

its really however u find it most comfortable... but it comes to sum disafvantages later on when u try to play stuff that moves quickly in n out from power chords!!! Thats why i changed to using Index, Middle and Pinky!