Been playing guitar for 2 years. So far, all i've been playing has been sitting in a chair..... And so i bought a guitar strap and tried to play standing up and I can't!!!

Should i just practice from now on standing up? Should it really be this difficult? I have the guitar a little higher than the height of my stomach.
start playing it up really high on the strap, and slowly lower it. so far i can't play it down at my waist. but i'm getting there
Sounds like your guitar is a bit too high, I'd strap it lower but not too low if you're not used to playing standing up.

The way I have it strapped is with the top of my LP at my waist. Other than that, just practice until you're comfortable both ways, joining a band sorted me out the fast way since there's nowhere to sit!
I only have trouble shredding or sweeping if the guitar is too low (however, that's what my style mostly consists of). No shame in wearing your guitar ridiculously high or even putting a leg up so play a solo, right? Petrucci's cool, isn't he???
You'll get it. We've all had that problem at one time or another.

Join a band: trial by fire.
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just figure it out howhigh or low your guiar should hang...
and it's just a thing to become comfortable with
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start playing it up really high on the strap, and slowly lower it. so far i can't play it down at my waist. but i'm getting there

Yep yep, i play with my strap high enough i could almost play with my teeth =D
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Had the same problem myself. When I started playing in a band, had to play standing. Felt like I was learning everything all over again. Like with everything else, just takes time to get used to. I agree with demiphoenix, start high & work lower. That's what worked for me.
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eh yeah, youll get used to it, we all had that problem.
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You can do it, lol

you know how that old saying goes right?..............What does practice make?
Start with your strap rediculously high, like John Lennon.
Work your way down.
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Yeah it mostly takes work, I still cant play as smooth standing up as i can sitting down. Starting with strap high up is a good idea though.
Strap your guitar higher and in future, learn stuff standing up to start with. It means you don't struggle later on.
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