Try to not sound like Billie and force your voice so much and I think it would be five times better right there. Music is good, though it's a bit off beat places. Other than that, it was an okay performance. Keep it up.

And get a bassist that can work a cellphone/lighter.
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Your singer needs to practise more and the video quality sucks big time. The drums are loud noisy and the bass sounds like a guitar player trying to play bass. I voted 'poor'.

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what is a solo?
I think the singer did an alright job. The vocals always seem to sound worst on video cameras or through a cheap P.A.
crappy video quality, The singer almost has that hollow effect that BJ has so that in itself is the hardest to acheive.
Singer needs to work on it. i think he's trying to hard to sound like Billie and forgetting to sing in key
Christ that was awful. . .
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^ dude theres no need to act like a complete tool it doesnt make you any better...your a noob so shut up

I thought it was a good job overall...the vocals were no were near as bad as people said...although i do agree he tried to sound like billy joe a bit too much but i thought he did a great job....the guitar was good...keep it up mate...
Bad quality and the singing wasent great. The music was good.
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not bad at all. i agree with most people here that the singer (you?) is trying far too hard to be billie, he needs to relax and focus on singing in tune first and foremost, theres no need to try and be a carbon copy. but yeah, keep it up.
yea thx for the advice....i WAS trying to focus on sounding more like bj than actually singing in key and more naturally
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You do sound like Billie Joe Armstrong, though.

The solo was way off, other than that, though, great job!

Sounds like the audience liked it. I did too.

Oh, and to hamish5178, shut up, tool.
I thought it was really good, excellent work dudes, keep it up