My best mate just got a Squire. A Strat. I'm bored & want something to do, so thought why not paint a lil' something on it. Before you go on about it not being worth it to paint a Squire- This is the first guitar I'm ever going to paint, so it basically better be really crap so it dosen't really matter if I **** it up.

Any paint ideas? She likes things like My Chemical Romance (which I'm not painting on it) and hippy stuff. Anything from Cher to Ratt to Deicide basically. Enjoys talking about drag queens and music. What do you think would be a good design for her? Any random ideas are good with me.
Random psychadelic patterns can be cool.

I always recommend having a white base coat, then throwing toilet paper balls soaked in flourescent paint at it to get these colourful splodges all over it.

If I had to draw something on a guitar, I'd have it white with a picture of Scrooge McDuck screaming "SCHEISSE!!!"

Which means shi t in german.
I swear it was 'schizer' or something. But sure.

And for the other guy, I'm a girl and I'd KILL someone if they put that on my guitar, but I guess as it's kinda MCRish she may like it.
As in money... if it was her money sure. I like the sound of the toilet paper idea actually, I was thinking kind of Clockwork Orange eyes, modified a bit to look more made up round the bridge, then mabye do that as the background in black/grey/green.