Does anyone know what fuzz pedal/pedals matt bellamy uses; in general, or more specifically; in Supermassive Black Hole?
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well, that changes EVERYTHING!!!
I never actually said i would.... But ok, thanks for the advice.
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well, that changes EVERYTHING!!!
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You will not sound like Matt Bellamy by buying any pedal.

psh...you did a nice job of sounding pretentious--why dont you try helpin him get his sound next time dude?

ts, if youre referring to the fuzz in supermassive black hole, yes you can get close with a zvex fuzz factory. if youre serious about not just copping bellamy's sound but also want to expand on that type of fuzz and experiment, then spend the 180 bucks on the vexter version. it can get alot of great fuzz sounds and both pleasantly controllable and horrible feedback. when i tried my cousin's basically 2 out of 3 settings gave me holy-****-is-this-gonna-hurt-the-speakers kind of screeching and i thought it was a pos. but i just turned the knobs randomly and didnt know about the reccomended settings on the website.

edit: i kinda ended on a bad note and forgot to mention that it is awesome if you know how to tweak it.
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