Is it possible for a faulty reverb tank to cause intermittant drops in volume along with static during the drops?
well, i have been using my drummers dads guitar amp, its a valvestate marshall...just cause i cant be boved hauling mine around. And its old, and hasnt been used much in a fair few years, and yes, the reverb does go a bit dodgy on it, cutting out and possibly static. You can probably get it fixed at you local guitar shop or electrician if they are into amps and speakers.
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Mine is a tube amp (JCM900)....... the tubes are brand new and the amp was "tuned up" by a local tech as well as checked over, but the reverb hasn't been working so I'm buying a new tank. So my question is, can a faulty reverb tank cause this intermittant drop in volume w/ slight static?

I am buying a new reverb tank reguardless
Unplug the tank and or turn off the reverb, and see if there's an issue.
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