Praying for the apocalypse

Words are trivial, if no one listens
Your truth is the explanation of failure
When something is trusted, that?s created by ones we distrust
Then what will become of these hopes, if they are nothing but false?

Sewn eyes, they see no past
Numb tongs, they speak no truth
I won?t give in to your misfortune
What makes you happy, is weakness of mind
I am a giant in your shallow world

In my eyes you?re a betrayer
In the eyes of your God, you?re even worse
When will you bare the burden?
This weight you throw of your shoulders
Is the misery you leave behind for you children?

Broken hands, they write no just
Faked smiles, they bring no joy
Weary hearts won?t love this world as whole
Only the parts that make it worth existing
I am a giant in your shallow world

I am nothing but evolution
You are everything but progression
No one wants to hear the tales of a true believer
No, they could end the misery we all adore?
The truth is always coursed with discontent
Is this why you accept this immorality?

I, I am the only way of salvation
I?m God and I?m Satan
No truth I deny, no burden to hard to bare
I?m what?s left of a dying wisdom,
Ignored for the sake of power and control?

Everybody loves a ****ing tragedy, but when tragedy becomes love?
Why not choose hate instead?

I am a giant in your shallow world!
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I enjoyed reading this piece. The fact that it didn't rhyme bothered me a little, but that's just a personal preference. Anyways, I loved the wording of this song and theme you used. As a suggestion, I would get rid of the swear word. I just think that it dumbs the writing down, but that's just me. Great job overall and keep up the good work.

Crit mine please?

RH Factor
Thanks, it doesn?t rime cause I grew bored with riming and it just doesn't work that much for me anymore, and I think the swear gives it some character...

anyone else wanne give some crit?