I wouldn't say that I was huddled in a corner and screaming for it to stop, but it definitely wasn't my favorite. I just didn't find any interest in the melody. I liked the bass line, though. It just didn't seem like there was enough substance to the song with just a melody and bassline, no chords or anything. Maybe that's just your style of writing, which is fine.
The bassline was pretty good, and the sax thing was nice and melodic too (the sax in the verse was very jazzy and nice); but I think there are too few instruments to make it a good jazz song, you know, maybe add some more saxs to accompany or drums or an armonica to add some harmony (maybe you should need guitar pro to do this, or other software).
And no, I didnt huddled in a corner and screamed to stop, but pretty sure I wanted it to continue......7/10

(by the way, when I clicked on the link to your progressive trash song, it wouldn't open, don't know if its my PC or not...)
It was alright considering the lack of movement (around the guitar neck).
Like the others have mentioned, the bass line was really good.
The only problem was, for me, that it was quite simple (not that that's a bad thing) and it came off sounding as though it was. Pack a few more instruments alongside it - maybe even just a quiet, funkily strummed guitar - and you'll have yourself a decent track. It's a decent base if nothing more.

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its cool. would be cooler with a guitar playing some funky chord in the background with a funky muted rhythm.