he has a martin guitar sig and he totaly rocks on it so does anyone know what a cheaper guitar i could find but in that shape and in by cheaper i mean nothing over 400 or maybe 450 thanks
It's just an OOO body. That is the same shape as an OM but it has the short scale (24 3/4"). Lots of companies call them Concert guitars, or Folk guitars. Taylor uses the term X12. There are a lot of very nice small body guitars out there, just go to your music shop and see what you can find.
Not taking any online orders.
Are we talking about the little Tobacco Sunburst model he played on "Unplugged"?
I always thought that was a Gibson. Seems like there was even an "Eric Clapton" signiture model of that guitar marketed. Maybe my memory is going bad.
check out blueridge...martin clones
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