Suprised there isnt a sticky on this, but I think that there definatly should be. We should have ideas for different merchandise and places to order it. My band is playing our first gig on October 16th. (actually our second, but our first 'official' one) I was wondering what you think would be a good idea to give out / sell . We are going to be handing out free 2 song demo CDs. They are home recorded, so I wouldnt feel right charging for them. We want to have something else to either give our or sell to make a little money. Which do you guys think is a better idea, stickers, or buttons? Buttons as in 1 inch buttons. Theyll both cost about the same and well probably order 100. I was thinking maybe stickers because we could stick them around the venue and also we could put our website on them. I know a good place to get buttons is www.purebuttons.com Do you guys think stickers are a good idea? Or do you have any better ideas?
order buttons and print out stickers yourself, just buy sticker paper, i'm sure it exists.. though i've never seen it

fiddle around with some label making programs on your comp, all you'll have to do is cut them out
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yea, but ink is expensive. a cartrige of ink is hard to find because my printer is an old one. 15 bux isnt alot so wed rather just order em and have em look nice, just not sure were to get them
I like to see as little stickies as possible, but this is a good topic. I would recommend the stickers because I know more people would rather buy a sticker than a button, you can put stickers in more places! The key is to have as little merchandise as possible to begin with so you can see what your fan base wants. If there is demand, people will start asking for it. When my former band was in key gear, our most popular requests were T-shirts and CDs (we only had myspace recordings, and when we got the demo CD the band couldn't promote it since a member quit) I don't like talking about that band anymore....

Anyways, try finding that ink cartiridge or one of your friends probably has one. You also have to be careful with custom merchandise places because some can take a long time. T-shirts will probably be your biggest sellers once you get merch.
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yeh. my friend got ripped off when his band ordered tshirts, they gave him all larges and xls
try ordering bumper stickers at first. my old band used to have them, and they were a hit. we were pretty solid, and we ended up starting to see the stickers all over the place (street signs, cars, bathrooms). i'll have to ask my friend where she got them from, and i'll post later (probably monday or tuesday) when i see her again and can find out. but def bmper sticekrs are the way to go. charging $1.25 per not only makes you some good gas money, but also really helps boost your popularity.
Its your first show, odds are you are not very well known, so just give them away. They are meant to be for promo purposes, so just hand them out, taking a loss in money now isnt a huge deal. Just get a following then print some shirts and whatnot and you will make good money off those. Good luck.
Check out Vista Print.

You can get some cheap business cards there in large amounts (250, 500, 1000, etc).

You can upload your own design if need be, or you could use one of their designs (which are more tailored for real businesses).

With shipping costs, I got about 500 business cards with our logo, new single promotion, and our website address for $20-$30.

Business cards can be great promotion if you ask me. Its cheap and people are likely to hold onto your card.
Your first couple of shows you gotta give that crap away. Definatley get stickers cause eveen if people think you suck thell still take it cause its free and stick it on a random street sign or somthing.