Well I wont be able to afford a new guitar for a while but this one has been in the back of my mind. It would probly be at least a year before I would have it but it dosent hurt to ask about it . Are these good guitars? It has everything I seem to want with the floyd, 24 frets, emgs, looks sick too. I havent played one yet but that will change hopefully with my next trip to guitar center. My question to you all is how are they? Hows the playability and sound? Ill have plenty of time to think before I buy a new guitar so if you have better suggestions for what I want then let me know . I play mostly metal also. By the time I have a new guitar I will have a Cube 60, a Mt-2, and some type of wah. So tell me what you think please .
well C-1s Are great guitars, easy to play, easy access to all 24 frets, And the hellraisers Bat inlays are cool, light weight, great electronics, But the floyd rose could be troublesome they are Hell to restring, the emgs in the HFR Are not the famous active 81 and 85's, they are passive H1 and H4's (I believe), thats not a bad thing but Its worth noting,All around I think it would be a great buy,
They ARE 81/85's

Great guitar BTW, don't hestitate and buy it! :P
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Yeah there definatly the 81/85 and not the h1 or h4? And I know all about tremolos like floyds seeing I am using a rg350 right now. If I can keep its trem strung and tuned I can keep anything lol. I am hoping to go play it tomarrow, I would definatly buy it a.s.a.p. But right now I need a amp upgrade more so I will be buying probly a cube 60 or a vox. And there are other things in my life that are needing money so a new guitar isnt a priority.. I do love to stare and drool over it though :-D.
He's thinking of the Damien

The HELLRAISER has an OFR, Emg 81 and 85's, mahogany body and quilted maple top (if you want it), body binding. the works
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i dont think you would want to use a MT-2 with a cube and with the Schecter may lead to crazy feedback probably