Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my thread. All critiques will be greatly appreciated. This song is called "To Call My Own". The lyrics I currently have are just a rough draft and I want to add a bridge and maybe a longer chorus.........Thanks.....Sorry for the last thread by the way........

Verse I
I never had, anyone to hold
No one girl, to call my own
Always afraid of what people might say
That only forced me to push you away

I waited for the answer, so I could clear my head
But I failed to realize, that God sent you instead

You came to me on the wings of an angel
But I was blinded by all of my lies
Now I know that you are my answer
Now I see, that you belong in my life

Verse II
I always thought I would be alone
No one to care for, or to call my own
My doubts and fears, are here no more
You?re the one that my heart longed for

Prechorus again

Chorus- Then End
Sorry about my last post, i didnt realize that you cant have certain words in the description........Greatest Apologies