Who's the drummer??

Paul Simonon plays Joe's black Stratocaster and sings.
Joe Strummer plays bass.
I THINK that Mick Jones plays the lead guitar (I'm actually quite sure!)

But WHO's the drummer?
It's definetly not Topper Headon! And if it's the drummer after Topper Headon, then why is Mick Jones there? Topper and Mick got kicked out at the same time, right?

Sorry if this is stupid!
Did you see the stylish kids in the riot?

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Paul Simonon plays Joe's black Stratocaster and sings.

It's a telecaster

I think that's Terry Chimes, but I'm not sure.
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joe strummer played guitar amd paul simonon played bass

The threadstarter specifically said that they switch for that song.

And man, I forgot how ugly Paul was.
His name is Pete Howard, I believe.
He drummed for the Clash from 1983-1985.

EDIT: A lil fun fact about the Clash, that you may not have known.
The Clash had John Moss (later of Culture Club) drumming for them for a few months, after Chimes left.
John then drummed for the Damned, London and Adam and the Ants, before becoming a "Karma Chameleon".
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