Hey guys,

I was wondering if you fellows could point me in the direction of plans of a telecaster, or a guitar that looks like a telecaster. I've searched places, but alas, no luck. i'll be making it in shop class, which is three fifty minute periods a week, so I was wondering how long you guys think it would take? i don't need to put the electronics inside in class, i just need to build the body and the neck.

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maybe you could google it?

"I've searched places, but alas, no luck"
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"I've searched places, but alas, no luck"

You could look at warmoth.... and lift their specs....
but I didn't say that ....
Get a program called TurboCad 2D (free), and then go to http://www.guitarbuild.com/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=5
Somewhere down that page, there's plans for a Tele. You download the file, then print it off. It will print about 8 pages, and you just sticky tape them together. I'm planning to make a hybrid LP/Tele in a few months, and I'm using these plans.
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