i love that john mayer trio cd, Try!, and i want to try and get the same sound out of my guitar that john gets out of his. does anyone know any presets on preamps or eq settings to get this sound? im mainly talking about the song 'vultures' and 'try' on the cd, but he seems to keep the same sound all the way though, so any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
I'm listening to that right now lol. Well he plays strats through fender twins. Goin by this cd he uses fairly high mids and treble with the bass backed off slightly. Use ur volume control as well.
He doesn't use Fender Twins. He uses amps made by a boutique company called "Two Rock". Here's a link to their site: www.two-rock.com and a link to john mayer's blog where he talks about his signature Two Rock: www.johnmayer.com/blog

He fingerpicks vultures as well if that helps
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