Just a note that these are not lyrics, just a poem I wrote out of my deepest emotions.


Essence of Love

Blood red moon casting it?s gaze
Sights of which plague the merry days
This night though, shall not be purloined
As in sweet affection I am joined

Brief breaths sneak by my lips
Air passing through in seeping sips
My eyes scale the landscape of her face
Until my lips may finally be placed

As my eyes paint images upon the blank wall
In swooning of soothing sounds my eyelids do fall
They fall for the thought of her presence
For a single taste of her essence

My soul is sucked into this vibrant vortex
Whilst my emotions reach their apex
Breaking the bridge between love and sorrow
And rebuilding the bridge to tomorrow

The surrounding scent of the rose
Oh how it elates my mind as it tingles my nose
With thorns that prod my flesh and draw red
This elegant beauty is worth any blood bled

Observing the sparkling eyes resembling the stars
They steal my breath, even from afar
Forever and a day is not nearly long of my dear
It will take much longer than that before I allow you to disappear

Hold me, touch me, love me
See exactly the way that I see
My love, never leave
For I wish to be kissing you, even on my death?s eve

No hesitation of my beating heart
No possible pain unless you choose to depart
Every smile shot in your direction
Every gaze dawns upon your perfection

From head to toe, to and fro
In glee, forever I shall know
That this pulse is for you
And this pulse does stand true
Wow, you've really got a talent there. Poem writing is something I've always been interested in, I like to just write my emotions and thoughts. That's how Jim Morrison started out (lead singer for the doors) ...keep it man. great.
R.I.P Jerry Garcia (1945)-(1995)

In the winter of '65 we were hungry, just barely alive.

Its a very simple rhyme pattern, good none the less. Sounds like someones in love OoOoOoOOoOoO <points finger>
That was real good. It has really nice flow. You obviously have a little vocab under your belt. Although i would have liked to see you stray away from AABB. A lot of the rhymes are kind of bland. Good work 8/10. If you could check mine in the sig. It's the last one that says new one.