What scales do like say Warren Haynes or Dickey Betts use? It sounds like pentatonic but somewhat different sometimes
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Pentatonic blues. IT's like the pentatonic, but with the addition of the flat 5th.
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Mostly the Mixolydian, Dorian, and the Major Pentatonic to create those kind of jazzy sounds, you could also just improvise some arps and the chord tones over the chords for that kind of thing.
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Mixolydian is the biggest one...pentatonic to a lesser extent.
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Dickey Betts sometimes uses a Hexatonic scale... It's a major hexatonic? I don't know the exact name. Obviously hexatonic is six notes, and the one he uses is basically the major scale without the seventh. Or I think it could be considered the major pentatonic with an added perfect fourth.

So in C, you would have C D E F G A (C).
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