I'm thinking of changing two of the pickups on my Strat so I have a variety of sounds to choose from at the flick of a switch. What do you think would be worth getting?
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Get hot rails for one of them.
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No get a full sized humbucker with a coil-split for the bridge. Rails just don't sound right, or like a Bucker.
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get some Carvin Twinblade Hunbuckers..you'll get the same sound as a hunbucker but its a single
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If you get singles, make sure the polarities and windings are the same as the ones you're removing.
1) Put Cool Rails in the bridge, with a push/pull to coil tap

2) Put a 3 way toggle switch for the middle coil, on/off/out-of phase

3) Put another push/pull pot, that'll engage the neck p/up where ever the 5 way is. This means you can have bridge and neck on together, or all 3 on at once!!