I've been having trouble playing electric guitar standing up. So, I shortened the strap. Is this about the right height?

PS - Just got this new guitar. Whatd'ya think?
It's a personal preference, no one can tell you what's right
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Just wear it wherever is most comfortable for you.
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Whatever's comfortable should be the right height for you.
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No, I dont think there's a specific height, It's what feels best? i also have trouble playing standing up but ive read its just whats comfortable, but DO NOT have it down to your knees! haha I find it looks retarded and is hard to solo.
That's fine for all intents and purposes, but you might want to drop it a little lower. It looks kinda dorky, no offense.

BTW, that is a nice looking guitar!
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As everyone else has said, w/e feels comfortable but your probably having trouble because your hand takes on a whole new position when you stand up. If you want to work on that position even when your sitting down, instead of resting the guitar on your right knee, change it to your left knee. I forget who used this position but its also sweet for playing classical. I think it may have been Micheal Angelo but i cant say for sure...
whatevers comfortable. i never had lessons so im STILL changing the way i hold it now, 3 years down the line. it differs, just adjust accoridngly. i find a nice mid-point, where its loose but still easy to play is best. but maybe whilst youre starting higher is easier, and then you can change it and make it lower when you get more comfortable. entirely down to you.
That looks a little high to me but whatevers comfortable, btw it takes a bit of practice to get used to anyway.
doesnt matter....whatevers comforable....i like it higher and its 'spose to be better for your posture....your good how your are if thats comforable
Like everyone else said, whatever's comfortable.

And shouldn't you know things like this if you're spending $2200 on a Gibson LP Standard?
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meh i dont care what everyone says...it looks too high, i mean it aint suppose to be a necklace.... you can at least lower it a bit more and have it still be comfortable....and ya is a gibson les pauls standard your first guitar or something cause id just figure you'd know stuff like that if you've played long enough to be buyin a guitar like that

ok i may have exagerated a bit but you get the point
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There really is no correct height. It's all personal preference.
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Hmm..I recommend just sending me the guitar...that should solve all problems in life...
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That guitar is very nice man.

But really, its up to you. Angus Young has his guitar at his nipples, and no one makes fun of him. Most people have it lower than what you have right there, but if it feels better right there and you can play better there, keep it there.
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too high for me, and i'm not one to play very low
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