What do you prefer, great complex riffs or a nice simple chord progression with more of a leading vocal. a chord progression is alot easier to make and add lyrics to (IMO) but i think a powerful riff can really pull the song together.

So what is your favorite?
Riff, ala Rage
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Why can't we choose nice simple riffs or great complex chord progressions?
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Why can't we choose nice simple riffs or great complex chord progressions?

That's what I chose. Well. Let's say mid-complex chord progressions.
How about a complex chord progression with an even more complex riff over it?

Yeah, me likes my technical music
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Progression. Throw in riffs later.
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Complex riffs over a complex chord progression in 11/8. Modulating every 3 barrs. O ya.

+1. But how about... 15/8 and 7/4.
I like putting both together into a song. In my band, we have choruses that are both, like a simple chord progression with a vocalish lead, then a more complex riff after that, then it repeats.