me and the soon to be drummer of my band are jammin together tommorow, and we just need to know some songs that for the most part only have drums and guitar , besides improvisation. a little singing can be involved, but not complicated guitar and singing at the same time, cause i can't play and sing at the same time with complicated songs. thanks

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white stripes? idk all depends on your forte

yes, that would be good, they're stuff isn't that hard either
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i understand where you are coming from because its hard 2 play any lead or melodies with out a bass to fill the rhythm section, but you can do any song of your preference. just learn how 2 improvise rhythms.
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How good are you? If drummer is good, play rock n'roll by Zep. The guitar is quite easy, save for tge solo.
You can pretty much play any song you want without bass; usually bass isn't an incredibly essential part to a song.

Unless, of course, you're soloing and there's no real bassy tones like you'd get from playing open/power/barre chords.
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You can pretty much play any song you want without bass; usually bass isn't an incredibly essential part to a song.

I disagree, I think bass is a very essential part in most all songs, it's essential to the ryhtym section, and not having bass, even if youre plaing only heavy chords, no lead at all, can seem empty, the bass fills out the sound and gives it a bottom end, and a frequent thing for the listeners ear to go back to.
^ Eh, I knew I'd get someone saying that

What I mean is, although bass certainly adds to a song, it is most of the time not neccessary for a song to be performed decently.

A song with electric guitars and bass but with no drums would sound dull.

A song with bass and drums but with no guitar would more likely than not get very repetative.

A song with guitar and drums but little or no bass?

Any of the White Stripes albums.

Metallica's classic ...And Justice for All.

Any of Linkin Park's albums

That's what I mean
^ Erm, sorry, but the RCHP has got to be the ONE band that you really DO need a bassist

Well, maybe not, but still - what about Flea? =D