So today at band practice my amp was messed up. when ever I would play lower notes and especially palm mute.it would make this weird sound. it was a low pitched buzzing sound. this isn't the first time it happened. what do u think could be wrong with my amp?

Sounds like a grounding problem.

You could lift the ground, just don't touch anything conductive!

That's the punk rock solution.

Did this always happen? If so, it's probably your amp (assuming you have had it plugged in at various circuits, ie friend's houses, the store you bought it at, etc.)

It may also be the circuit. Before you go paying to have the amp serviced, try moving it to a different location in your house, like a bathroom or the kitchen. Those are most likely to be separate grounds than the one you were currently using.

See, one source of noise is the ground, the third prong on your AC cord. If an attic fan, fluorescent light (ooh, bad deal!) or something like that is on the same circuit (the same group of outlets) as your amp, it will hum away. If you move it into your bathroom and the hum goes away, well then you've solved the problem. You may be forced to run an extension into your jam room from a "clean" outlet until you can get an electrician out or if you are the courageous sort figure it out yourself.

Just don't die on us. We'd miss the hell out of ya!
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well it was at my drummers garage and my bass player pluged in to a outlet next to mine so it might be that.I'm gonna try it in my room
I tried it in my room and it was the same. Is there anything else that could be wrong with it?