Would taking a 6-string guitar and making a 12-string be as simple as moving the tuners around and adding 6 more?

This is my first thought of customizing a guitar, so I have no previous knowledge of anything relating to modding.
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And a new bridge.
I'd be most worried about the neck.
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a new nut and bridge too, and maybe new pickups, but i'm not sure about that, and the extra tension could warp your neck
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I would just buy a new one. Or go all jimmy page with the doubleneck sg.

Man, that's a sweet guitar...
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YeahI was thinking I'd need a new headstock and a bigger nut and neck. And don't want to buy one beacuse I'd rather be able to say that I built it.
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I would just buy a new one. Or go all jimmy page with the doubleneck sg.

Man, that's a sweet guitar...

Yes it is,

anyway, Everything these people said above me is true, also Since your talking about getting a new neck I assume you have a bolt on, if you do make a bolt on neck 12 string, be warned, They tend to Detach or bend over time (a few months) so be sure to attach it well, and if you go awhile without playing, be sure to detune it,
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New nut, new headstock, new neck, new pickups, new bridge, new tuners, yep, that's pretty much it.
I saw a strat that had been modded to a twelve string once (on the net). I wish I could find it again.

Edit: SWEEEEET found it
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I don't think he needs new pickups, does he?,

Unless you put the strings together, otherwise yes.
dang i wanna buy a cheap squire and do taht custom job wannabe jesus found that looks asome

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