hi has anyone seen the joe satriani: live in san francisco dvd? is it any good cos i may be getting it tomorrow. thanks
It is very good, it was the first guitarist dvd I bought, the quality is superb and most of the songs sounds as good if not better than the studio ones, if you're a fan of satch, this is for you.
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it does seem good i was looking at the track listing and it's got most of his good songs on it, except crying. thanks for the help
I LOVE that video.
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amazing dvd, get it and check out Stu Hamm's bass solo. it really is **** hot
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Too much stuff from Crystal Planet for my liking, and without like my 3 favourite songs from that album. Playing is good, of course.
Very cool show. Love the live version of that One Big Rush (got it off of Limewire, my first Satch song evar, and of course never looked back <_<

Definitely can't wait for his next DVD out in october.